KISSsoft 中国


In the early 1980s, development began at the L. Kissling&Co. AG machine works on an engineering design software system that was originally intended only for internal use but was later offered to other companies as well. KISSsoft AG was established in 1998 to guarantee software maintenance with the aim of improving, expanding and continuously adapting the design calculation program to make it a state-of-the-art program.

KISSsoft AG opened its own site near Zurich, Switzerland, in 2000, establishing a creative environment for implementing company objectives. Please feel free to visit us at any time.

KISS系统附加到 KISSOFT,使用户能够设计整个传输。分析同时执行所有齿轮、轴和轴承。借用 KISSys,可以计算任何运动学,并且由于集成了编程语言,可以实现您自己的计算过程和设计。