ArCADiasoft came into being in Lodz, Poland, in mid-1997. Its founder Jarosław Chudzik has obtained his MSc degree in Construction from Lodz University of Technology. Shortly after his graduation, Jarosław Chudzik moved to Germany and started a traineeship at Institut für Baumechanik und Numerische Mechanik (Universität Hannover) under professor Erwin Stein, with the intention of writing his doctoral thesis. Tempted by an offer from mb programme, one of the biggest German IT companies dealing in the field of construction engineering, which was searching for a construction engineer with the knowledge of computer programming languages at that time, he started working in the Software Development department. After 10 years, he returned to Poland and made use of the experience gained in Germany in order to found a company, which turned out to rapidly achieve financial success. It later allowed for the creation of the comprehensive, object-oriented ArCADia BIM system – the company’s flagship product that enables various designers to cooperate among their locations.

ArCADia-EXTERNAL GAS INSTALLATIONS是基于建筑信息建模(BIM)意识形态的ArCADia BIM系统的行业特定模块。该程序可用于生产气体连接的专业设计文件,包括外部气体系统。