Aquion, Inc


  Water is essential for life.

  With rapidly increasing population and industrialization, the world’s need for quality water is greater than ever before. For more than 50 years, Aquion has been a leader in the water treatment industry. From residential water treatment solutions to commercial and light industrial applications, Aquion’s family of water treatment companies serves the needs for quality water solutions around the world.

  As the need for quality water grows, so does the need for quality service providers, dealers and strategic partners. Our mission – “To become the most trusted and valued source of water treatment products and support services to the dealers and distributors we serve” – guides the efforts of our team of dedicated employees around the world.

  Headquartered just outside of Chicago in Roselle, IL, Aquion, Inc. has maintained its leadership position in the water treatment industry by building a company comprised of four unique operating divisions. Click on the images to the right to learn more about each member of Aquion’s family of water treatment companies.

  优质水处理设备和解决方案   随着人口和工业化的迅速增长,世界对优质水的需求比以往任何时候都大。50 多年来,Aquion一直是水处理行业的领导者。从住宅水处理解决方案到商业和轻工业应用,Aquion的水处理公司家族满足全球对优质