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What’s trending now? React by Facebook, Bootstrap by Twitter, Angular by Google. Social media and search giants take leading roles in software development and steer programmers to HTML5 and JavaScript as the new development standard. Microsoft makes a push towards cross-platform development with .NET Core. Both iOS and Android get a stronger hold of the mobile markets, driving the need for responsive and touch designs. DevExtreme – our HTML5 development library – grows stronger and broader, adding new widgets and accumulating support for new development frameworks. The DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription adds Bootstrap-enabled controls and integrates ASP.NET Core support.

On the other end of the spectrum we see continuous demand for desktop technologies fueled by newer and more powerful workstations, and increased monitor resolutions. DevExpress continues its dominance as the leading vendor of WinForms, WPF and VCL UI Controls. Product lines are being extended with Touch support across the board, numerous new controls and major features, SVG image and hi-DPI support.

The 2010s are not over yet, but DevExpress has already won 200+ industry awards, many of them first-place awards determined by votes of developers such as yourself. We thank our loyal customers and look forward to continue serving your development needs.

全面的跨平台UI界面控件 DevExpress Universal Subscription拥有.NET开发需要的所有平台控件,包含600多个UI控件、报表平台、DevExpress Dashboard eXpressApp 框架、适用