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As they add functionality to PIPE-FLO, over the next four years Ray and Carolyn develop a series of follow-on software products to support it; they exhibit their product family at trade shows around the USA. Over the decades, PIPE-FLO will be continually enhanced and remain the state-of-the-art in fluid-flow analysis and design modeling platform; but its core engine will remain intact into the 2020s—an enduring symbol of the immutable excellence of PIPE-FLO’s technology and heritage.

PIPE-FLO® Professional v16 Engineered Software,Inc.的PIPE-FLO®产品是世界领先的流体流动分析和设计建模软件工具。这些多功能工具在多个学科,行业和流体管道系统使用寿命的所有阶段提供价