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As an engineering consulting company specializing in the modeling and analysis of innovative energy systems and buildings, we have worked hard to achieve a reputation of providing clients with fast, honest, accurate assessments of complex problems. A recognized leader in the energy-modeling and simulation field, we routinely tackle projects that include renewable energy systems, HVAC systems, natural ventilation, solar district heating systems, sustainable buildings (green, LEED™), hydrogen power, cogeneration systems, and much more. Working closely with national labs, commercial companies, research organizations, utilities, non-profits, architects, and universities, our strength lies in a solid understanding of the physical processes governing energy systems and in applying that understanding to flexible, powerful software tools such as TRNSYS.

Take a minute to look around and learn more about us. We’d love to hear about your ideas and projects and find ways that we can work together to meet your needs.

TRNSYS 软件最早是由美国Wisconsin-Madison 大学Solar Energy 实验室(SEL)开发的,并在欧洲一些研究所的共同努力下逐步完善,迄今为止其最新版本为V18。美国的Thermal Energy Systems