MAL Manufacturing Automation Laboratories


The mission of MAL Inc. is to create the best virtual machining and optimization solutions worldwide.
In the world of machining, safety of employees and equipment, along with high production efficiency are top priorities. Our software products embed in-house scientific theory, paired with hardware sensors and modern user interface design. This combination of science, sensors and software, allow customers to virtually machine parts, then change the process as needed. Machining is optimized without ever having to operate machinery, cut material, scrap parts, break tools, crash spindle bearings, create machine downtimes and more.

CutPro软件可以最大限度地提高加工过程的材料去除率、延长刀具与主轴寿命,改善总体加工性能。   · 加工过程颤振稳定性预测,给出无颤振的主轴速度、进给量和切削深度,以提高材料去除率,同时获得良好的表面光洁度; · 切削过程仿真,计