Optenso is specialized in optical design and optical engineering. Our work is based on 40 years of experience in optical design and optical engineering, covering a comprehensive field of optical applications. The outcome of these activities is OpTaliX, a software for design, analysis and optimization of optical systems and thin films. OpTaliX is available in three editions:

OpTaliX-Pro: is a powerful and comprehensive optical design software at a reasonable price,
OpTaliX-Edu: is offered to students, universities and institutes at a substantially reduced price,
OpTaliX-LT: is a functionally reduced version, distributed as shareware (30 days free).

OpTaliX has been successfully used for the design of photographic and video lenses (CCD, SLR, 6×6 and large formats), industrial optics (beam expander, laser scanners, reproduction, machine vision), space optics, zoom optics, medical optics, illumination devices, fiber optical telecom systems, infrared optics, X-ray optics, telescopes, eyepieces, to name only a few.