For 30 years, SC-Consultants supports you in optimizing your industrial processes.Historically oriented towards consulting, we edit numerical simulation software with the support of strategic initiatives

Evolution, innovation and R&D projects
In order to stay competitive, SC-Consultants is involved in many projects. Wether they are private or public (national or european), SC-Consultants participates to a lot of projects : PEPTFlow, Defibrex, Innorex, Phoenix...

All this knowledge coming from those participations is used to fed the SC-Consultants software with new models : mixing quantification, fibres breakages, natural fibres behaviour, reactive extrusion...

SC-Consultants works in partnership with reknowned research academic centers such as the CEMEF (Mines ParisTech) and the IJL (Institut Jean Lamour - Université de Lorraine). Those partnerships allow to provide industrials with leading edge technologies answers. The research work of those centers is industrialized as software marketed by SC-Consultants.

Software, services and consultancy
With its experience, SC-Consultants proposes now different kind of products and services in order to fit to the customers expectations. From the license provision until the research project, SC-Consultants is your partner for the process optimization.

SC-Consultants background
Since 1989, the Sciences Computers Consultants company has been involved in the material transformation industry.

SC-Consultants is specialized in transferring the research work toward the industry.

Starting as a consultancy agent, SC-Consultants has been varying its offer for providing reliable solutions adatped to the market demands.

Fed by research projects, continuous R&D, customers feedback, SC-Consultants edits and commercializes numerical simulation software dedicated to the industrial processes of material forming/transformation.