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OmniCAD started as a CAD Surface modeler. After years of research and development OmniCAD became the point of reference for morphing solutions in the Automotive industry.

OmniCAD joined the Siemens PLM Software Solution Partner Program as a Software & Technology Partner. The partnership enabled OmniCAD to integrate its morphing solution into the NX software portfolio, to provide enhanced offerings not only for the automotive industry but also for the aviation and the industrial design industry.

Today OmniCAD Engine © is the Intellectual Property base that groups together the three lines of products: OmniCAD stand-alone, OmniCAD for NX and the API function collections

OmniCAD 系统的基本算法20年前由意大利Fabrizio Leopardi 博士创立, 2005年创立OmniCAD公司,发布正式 商业化软件OmniCAD。软件拥有全球先进的曲面变形算法内核,专注于Omni Transform高级曲