IC制造就是制造集成电路,就是把沙子(二氧化硅)制造为集成电路(比如CPU)的过程,包括硅锭制作,单晶硅制备,氧化、离子注入等等. IC制作属于高科技.也是一个真正的点石成“金”的过程。
The Calibre MAPI application programming interface offers object-oriented iTCL classes and functions for fast and effici
Calibre Mask Process Correction (MPC) provides optimizations specifically developed for e-beam mask writers. New correct
Calibre nmOPC is the third-generation optical proximity correction (OPC) tool that expands the Calibre arsenal of resolu
Calibre OPC pro provides full-chip optical and process correction of complex IC layouts to increase yield and process la