IC制造就是制造集成电路,就是把沙子(二氧化硅)制造为集成电路(比如CPU)的过程,包括硅锭制作,单晶硅制备,氧化、离子注入等等. IC制作属于高科技.也是一个真正的点石成“金”的过程。
Calibre MDPverify checks final mask writer data against the original GDSII definition to prevent mask writing with erron
Calibre nmOPC is the third-generation optical proximity correction (OPC) tool that expands the Calibre arsenal of resolu
Calibre WORKbench is an easy-to-use environment for creating accurate process models and tested, production-ready tool s
Calibre Mask Process Correction (MPC) provides optimizations specifically developed for e-beam mask writers. New correct
Calibre FRACTURE exports mask making data directly in the target mask writing format without changing tools or creating
Calibre MDPmerge enables a continuous flow from physical verification and resolution enhancement techniques (RET) throug
Calibre MDPview enables quick and easy review of design data in GDSII and OASIS format, as well as in all popular mask w
The Calibre MAPI application programming interface offers object-oriented iTCL classes and functions for fast and effici
Current low k1 photolithography processes are increasing the complexity of resolution enhancement technology (RET) appli
Calibre OPC pro provides full-chip optical and process correction of complex IC layouts to increase yield and process la
Scattering Bars (SBs) are sub-resolution, phase or chrome bar-like features placed near the edges of patterns on the ret
Calibre MPCpro is a solution for systematic errors introduced by e-beam lithography and mask etching processes built on
Calibre MASKOPT reduces mask cost and mask writing time by lowering the total shot count through advanced pre-processing